・A high-resolution processor with
 competitive pricing.

Automatic Film Processor XP-9000

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  • Precision-rollers produce sharp images for clean and clear-cut diagnoses.

High Speed

  • High-speed processing of 90 seconds is possible. (Please inquire with distributor for appropriate film.)

Easy operation and maintenance at a competitive price.


Film transport system Continuous roller transport system
Processing films 100 x 120 mm (4” x 5”) up to 350 x 430 mm (14”x 17”)
Processing time 90 / 120/ 180 sec., selectable (default :120sec.)
Processing capability 71films/hour (Processing speed: 90sec., 250 x 300mm)
49 films/hour (Processing speed: 90sec., 350 x 430mm)
Tank capacity Developer (3.7L), Fixer(2.4L), Washer(2.3L)
Standard processing temperatures Developer: 35 /33 /31℃,
selectable Drier : 60℃±5℃ (Standby mode: 45℃)
Temperature control Constant temperature control by Thermistor
Replenishment system Automatic replenishment system by Film detection
Developer stirring system By rotating stirring plate
Washing system Running water system (Water reservoir system is optionally possible)
Safety functions Overheat-prevention, Manual resetting safety thermostat (Developer /Fixer/ Drier), Circuit breaker
Standby mode For Energy saving,
  • Maintain low drying temperature
  • Intermittent operation of Driving motor
  • Intermittent replenishment of replenisher to prevent fixing
  • Intermittent operation of rollers to prevent sticking
Installation environments Temperature: 10-30℃ Humidity: 30%-80%
Water temperature: Water of 5℃ or more
Power supply Single phase AC 220/240V 4.5A 50/60Hz
Dimensions 565mm(W) x 723mm(D) x 463mm(H), In case of without the film insert case: 614mm (D)
Weight 27.5Kg.
Optional accessory
  1. Mount stand
  2. Water pump unit (In Water reservoir system only)
  3. Supply water electromagnetic valve unit
  4. Wall mounted water filter unit
  5. Floating tips (200pcs.)
  6. 20L Replenishment tanks:(for Developer tank & Fixer tank)