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A camera, printing patient’s identification data into X-ray film by daylight.

ID Camera LIC.1 type

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Easy Maintenance & High Performance

  • Daylight ID Camera clearly prints patient’s identification data onto X-ray film in a lightproof window cassette. It is designed to operate in normal room illumination.


Print System LED based, fixed-time exposure system
The print density setting can be varied from 1 to 10
by changing the light intensity.
Print Magnification 0.75 X
Print Data ID Card Information and print Date and Time
ID Card Specified card or equivalent
Applicable Cassettes Pin-type window Cassettes Motor-driven
Cassette ID Window Open/Close Mechanism Motor-driven automatic Open/Close system
Light Source TWO(2)LED
Safety Mechanism Prevention of a false cassette insertion
Power Requirements AC 100V/AC 120V/AC 220V/AC 230V/AC 240V
Outer Dimensions 324mm(width)x435mm(depth)x313(height)
Weight 6.5kg
Accessories Power Code(qty:1),JD Card (qty:5), Operation Manual(qty:1)

Note:Specifications are subject to change without notice.